The Eye of Ethan Hunsaker

This week we will being looking thru the eye of a skilled photographer I have personal met named Ethan Hunsaker. With a few of his photos we will be discussing a few skill that makes a photo stand out and become something of note to remember. Each photo will be the original and the latter will have some draw over effect to point out the specific points I will talk about. Do note all these photos used are by Ethan Hunsaker.

Here we see the Leading Lines used naturally by the tree points directly to the focus of the photo, the couple in the picture. Using this natural element of design, it truly makes the photo stand out and yet a feeling of closeness to the subject of the photo.

Rule of Thirds

We see the couple here line up with the Rule of Thirds to give the photo a strong impact. On a side note Ethan set up the couple to have a depth of field in the photo for added effect. We will talk about that in the next photo picked.

Depths of Field

Here is a photo that I loved that captures the element of using the Depths of Field to bring a stronger emotion from the photo. The Focus on an unknown individual looking upon a blurred but obvious courtyard of American flags.


In Summary, we can see how strong these photography elements help play a role to improve and make the photos stand out in a pleasing way. I always enjoyed viewing Photographer Ethan Hunsaker’s work as he uses these elements effectively in various ways.


Pouring Over Popular Science’s Typography!

I subscribe to a¬†magazine called “Popular Science”, the image below (March/April 2017 Magazine) will be studied by its choice of typography and quality of choice. First will be the original image and than the marked up image with a few notes drawn over the image.

The advertisement stayed consistent with keeping certain style of fonts to be used on the cover image. They mostly used Sans Serif and Slab Serif but they did use once an Old Style font. They kept the fonts simple by using black and white as the interchanging contrast and especially the size usage for contrast. I did notice that the font sizes played a key role on showing the reader/viewer the most important thing being as the biggest font to the least important being the smallest font.

I did love the big to small importance trick that Popular Science implemented. They did keep it pretty simple overall to lend more focus on the eye catching image directly in the center. Overall I give it a 4/5 rating as the flow of the magazine doesn’t feel like it follows a path for your eye to naturally flow with.